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1970. Rocque, John, -1762. Facsimile. Relief shown by hachures. "... an edition limited to 500 copies." "Reproduced in 1970 by Historic Urban Plans ... from an engraving in i... Ithaca, N.Y., Historic Urban Plans, 1970.

3. Abaco Island, Bahamas, 1975 (Scanned Map)

Raster Columbia University Restricted content
1970. East View Cartographic, Incorporated and East View Cartographic, Incorporated. Abaco Island, Bahamas, 1975 is a scanned map of the Antigua Island, Commonwealth of The Bahamas at a scale of 1:25,000. The map is georeferenced to... East View Cartographic, Incorporated.

4. Africa : Ethnolinguistic groups, 1970

Raster Columbia University Public content
1970. Research Data Services (RDS), Columbia University Libraries and United States. Central Intelligence Agency. This is a scanned version of the 1970 paper map entitled: Africa : Ethnolinguistic groups. The map was scanned at 300 dots per inch and is in the ... C.I.A.

5. Africa: Ethnolinguistic groups

Image Stanford University Public content
1970. United States Central Intelligence Agency. "Principal source: Africa, Its peoples and their culture history, G.P. Murdock." "77465 10-70." Includes table of ethnic groups. U. S. Central Intelligence Agency.

7. Alor Setar

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1970. Malaysia. Jabatanarah Pemetaan Negara. Includes inset map "Pusat Bandar Alor Setar (Sekil 1:5,000)." Relief shown by 25 feet contours and spot heights. Rectified skew orthomorphic grid i... Kuala Lumpur : Directorate of National Mapping, Malaysia, 1970.

9. American Indian Reservations, Arizona, 1970

Polygon The University of Arizona Public content
1970. University of Arizona. Library. Statewide coverage of 1970 American Indian Reservations. Boundaries that cross into the adjacent states are included. Population data is from the U... University of Arizona.

10. Angola

Image Princeton University Public content
1970. United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Relief snown by spot heights and shading. This is a relief map showing international and district boundaries, railroad, roads, airfields and ports.... [Washington, DC] : [Central Intelligence Agency], 1970.