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1. الخرطوم

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1952. Sudan. Maṣlaḥat al-Misāḥah and السودان. مصلحة المساحة. Oriented with north slightly towards upper right. "November 1952." "REF. No. T. 2656." Includes illustrations. [Khartoum] : Sudan Survey Department, 1952.

2. خريطة القاهرة تبين الآثار الإسلامية

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1948. Egypt. Maṣlaḥat al-Misāḥah. Relief shown by hachures. Shows sites from the pre-Fatimid and Fatimid periods to post-Turkish period Monuments are numbered on the map as the offi... : القاهرة مصلحة المساحة, 1948.
1943. Stanford Geospatial Center. This polygon shapefile is an index to the map series, '東部ニューギニア「フォン」半島及「マダン」地區 兵要地誌資料圖 | 二十五万分一圖東部パプア島 -- Tōbu nyūginia fon hantō oyobi madan chiku... Stanford Digital Repository.