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1. Qvarta Africae Tabvla

Image Stanford University Public content
1478. Della Torre, Pietro, active 15th century and Angelus & Caldarini. Petrus de Turre puchased Conrad Sweynheyms plates in 1490 to reissue the maps based on Claudius Ptolemy notes. Ptolemaic Africa, with no suggestion... [Petrus de Turre],.

2. Secunda Europe tabula

Image Stanford University Public content
1478. Ptolemy, active 2nd century. Relief shown pictorially. Trapezoidal. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines along margins; linear parallels indicated at sides. Title at top. Decorat... publisher not identified.

3. T-O map

Image Princeton University Public content
1472. Isidore, of Seville, Saint, -636. World map showing the three known continents, Asia, Europe and Africa within a circle. Title supplied by cataloger. From: Isidori Iunioris Hispalen... [Augsburg : Günther Zainer, 1472].