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1522. Ptolemy, active 2nd century, Fries, Lorenz, 1491-1550, and Grüninger, Johann, -1532?. Woodcuts based on those by Martin Waldseemüller, 1470-1519. Relief shown pictorially. Vellum binding. First 4 and last 4 pages blank (included in p... Lorenz Fries,.

2. Tabula I Euro

Image Princeton University Public content
1522. Waldseemüller, Martin, 1470-1519. Map of Great Britain and Ireland. Relief shown pictorially. Latin text on verso with caption title: Tabula I Europae. From: Claudii Ptolomæi Alexan... [Strasbourg : Grüninger, 1522].

3. Tabv. Nova Orbis

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1522. Fries, Lorenz, approximately 1490-1531 and Waldseemüller, Martin, 1470-1519. [attributed to Laurent Fries]. New map (as of 1522) of the World. Relief shown by hashures and pictorially. Striking example of Laurent Fries editi... Johann Koberger,.

4. Tabv. Terre Sanctae

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1523. Ptolemy, active 2nd century and Waldseemüller, Martin, 1470-1519. [Ptolemy ; Martin Waldseemüller]. Relief shown pictorially. Latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meri... [Martin Waldseemüller],.