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1. Authorial London

Collection Stanford University Public content
2016. Ligda, Kenneth, McClure, David, and Grossner, Karl, 1950-. These maps and data were created as part of the Authorial London project. The Authorial London application was implemented as an update for Dr. Mar... Stanford University. Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research.

2. Plan d'Athènes. Pour le Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis

Image Stanford University Public content
1796. Malpas, E., (Edward). E. Malpas sculpt. Coordinates approximate. Relief shown by hachures. Two bar scales in "Stades Olympiques," "Toises de France." Numeric legend. Sho... [Chez Charles Dilly?].

4. The booklovers map of America

Image University of Michigan Public content
1939. Paine, Paul M. (Paul Mayo), 1869-1955. 1 map : col. ; 47 x 71 cm.|Pictorial map.|Insets: Alaska -- Birthplace of American literature|Includes text on Literary Boston, New York, Philadelp...

6. Literary Arts Non-profits for New Orleans, LA, 2018

Point New York University Public content
2018. This point shapefile represents Literary Arts Non-profits for New Orleans, LA in 2018. The file represents cultural assets in the City of New Orlea... Cultural Economy.


Image Stanford University Public content
1807. Wilkes, John, of Milland House, Sussex and Pass, J. [John Wilkes] Page showing five hemispherical maps of the world. Hemispheres numbered “2” and “4” show California as an unlabeled island from a pol... J. Wilkes.

8. MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts NHESP BioMap Core Habitat (July 2001)

Polygon Harvard University Public content
2001. MassGIS (Office : Mass.) and Massachusetts. Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. Core Habitat is one of two datalayers resulting from the BioMap biodiversity mapping project (also see the NHESP BioMap Supporting Natural Landscap... Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS).

9. Amphibians, New York State, 2000

Polygon Cornell University Public content
2000. Priya Nanjappa, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laura (Leininger) Blackburn, Ball State University, and Dr. Michael J. Lannoo, Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine. This data set portrays the distribution of 10 selected amphibians in New York State, based on historical literature and museum records from current...

10. World (Petroleum Fields, 2003)

Point Massachusetts Institute of Technology Public content
NRG Associates, Inc., Richard M. Pollastro and others, Timothy R. Klett, USGS, Denver, CO (comp.) and others, Timothy R. Klett and others, Petroconsultants International Data Corp., U.S. Geological Survey (comp.), Feliks M. Persits and others, Douglas W. Steinshouer, Contractor to USGS, Denver, CO (comp.), Feliks M. Persits, Contractor to USGS, Denver, CO (comp.), Craig J. Wandrey and Ben E. Law, Christopher J. Schenk and others, Douglas W. Steinshouer and others, and Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). This shapefile includes arcs and polygons that describeU.S. Geological Survey delineatedTotal Petroleum Systems of the World. Each petroleum system... Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).