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1. Levels affected by Rotation

University of Nebraska Public content
1887. Glass Lantern Slide, 3 1/4 X 4 in. UNL Libraries Image & Multimedia Collections.

2. Distribution of cholera, 1816-1950

Image Princeton University Restricted content
1951. American Geographical Society of New York. Companion text: Map of the World Distribution of Cholera / Jacques M. May. New York, NY: American Geogra... New York, NY : American Geographical Society, 1951.

3. Cape Government Railways map :

Image Stanford University Public content
1900. Cape of Good Hope (Colony). Cape Government Railways. A small section of the top left side of the map has been torn off but no image or text is affected. The map is torn along the left hand folds. Townshend, Taylor and Snashall. Lithographers.

4. Parcels Jefferson County, WI 2011

Polygon University of Wisconsin Public content
2011. Jefferson County. This data layer represents parcels for Jefferson County, Wisconsin in 2011. [The parcel line layer delineates parcel features such as ownership bou...
1906. United States Senate.Committee on Foreign Relations. Map detached from "Message from the President of the United States, transmitting the final report of Secretary Metcalf on the situation affecting t...

10. North America (Electric Transmission Areas, 2008)

Polygon Massachusetts Institute of Technology Restricted content
Platts. The Platts Electric Transmission Areas geospatial data layer contains regions representing the geographic extent of adjacent market areas whose flo... Platts.