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1699. Scherer, Heinrich, 1628-1704. California as an island with interior mountains, named capes and small islands, and 3 southern towns: S. Iago, S. Bruno, N.S. de Guadalupe. FRETVM ...


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1699. Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667. With imprint A PARIS chez L’Auteur aux Galeries du Louvre 1699. Great Lakes are complete. BN Sanson II A(1) and Sanson IIC; UCB; Ashley-Baynton-Wil...
1699. Sanson, Guillaume. Six words added to beginning of title, above shading, which continues as Tropicus Capricorni: NOVUS ORBIS potius ALTERA CONTINENS Sive ... ; additi...

5. Great Britain, ca. 1699 (Raster Image)

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1699. Harvard Map Collection, Harvard Library, Danckerts, Theodore., and Homann, Johann Baptist, 1663-1724. This layer is a georeferenced raster image of the historic paper map entitled: Novissima et accuratissima totius Angliae, Scotiae et Hiberniae tabu... Harvard Map Collection, Harvard Library.
1699. Nolin, Jean Baptiste, 1648-1708. Relief shown pictorially. "Avec priuilege du Roy." Includes table: Division géographique de la Grèce ancienne et moderne. Appears in Atlas géné... À Paris : ches I.B. Nolin sur le Quay de l'Horlage du Palais a l'enseigne de la Place des Victoires vers le Pontneuf, 1699.

7. L'ancienne ville de Jerusalem & ses environs

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1699. Lamy, Bernard, 1640-1715. Imaginary plan of ancient Jerusalem. Relief shown pictorially. From: Lamy, Bernard. Introduction a l'Ecriture Sainte. Lyon, 1699, p. 58. [Lyon : s.n., 1699].

8. [World and celestial map]

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1699. Lea, Philip, active 1683-1700, Moxon, J. (James), and Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691. A stipple-etched celestial sphere alongside a north polar projection of the world, extended to include almost the whole world with the southern mos... Corrected by Philip Lea, and Sold by him at the Atlas and Hercules in Cheapside.
1698. [Woodes Rogers]., Rogers, Woodes, Bell, Andrew, Lintot, Bernard, Moll, Herman (d. 1732), Dampier, William, Oosterwyk, Johannes, Gaete, Hendrik van de, Sewel, W., and Hondt, Abraham de. California shown with a rounded northern coastline and labeled California. Island curves sharply to the east giving the appearance of a long nearl...