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Political Districts and Boundaries: Illinois, 2006 and 2007

This feature dataset contains data layers that show political districts and boundaries in Illinois, including political townships, state representative (house) and legislative (senate) districts, and US congressional districts. Attributes include district number and name of the corresponding representative or senator. The time periods correspond to the three most recent instances of the US Census (1980, 1990, 2000). The data are current as of 2009, except political townships, which show the data as of 1985. Please refer to the metadata for individual feature classes for additional and dataset-specific information. 'Now in its 93rd session, the Illinois General Assembly, composed of a 59-member Senate and a 118-member House of Representatives, is responsible for enacting, amending, or repealing laws, passing resolutions, adopting appropriation bills and conducting inquiries on proposed legislation. It also acts on amendments to the United States Constitution submitted by Congress, proposes amendments to the Illinois Constitution, and takes responsibility for impeachment and conviction of executive and judicial officeholders in the state.' (Illinois Government web site, 2004, The terminology applied to Illinois governmental bodies is sometimes used inconsistantly and can be confusing. The Illinois General Assembly is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The General Assembly is sometimes referred to as the Illinois Legislature or the Illinois Congress. The state is divided into representative districts (House) and legislative districts (Senate). Each legislative district is composed of two representative districts, following this pattern: representative districts 1 & 2 = legislative district 1 representative districts 3 & 4 = legislative district 2 representative districts 5 & 6 = legislative district 3 etc. The term 'congressional district' usually refers to the federal body rather than a state body. There are several web sites that can be used in conjunction with this feature dataset. Two are listed here and are included in the Online Links section. Illinois State Board of Elections Voting Information, including district boundary descriptions and district search functions, Illinois Government Legislative Information,
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