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Water-well and Borehole Locations from Version 1.03 4-12-01 of the iLITH Database: Indiana, 2001

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This point shapefile was created to display in a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environment the data points that represent water wells and boreholes contained in the iLITH database. The following description of the iLITH database contains the information contained in the shapefile, taken from Open-File Study 00-08 -- iLITH is a Microsoft Access database containing GIS capabilities that allows users to interact with a portion of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Water-Well Record Database. iLITH differs from the IDNR database in that lithologic descriptions and drilling contractor names have been standardized, locational information for ~104,000 water-well logs has been verified, and the spatial information in the database has been standardized for use with USGS digital elevation data and U.S. Census Bureau Tiger data. The iLITH graphical interface facilitates efficient interaction between the user and the database.
Indiana, United States
Geoscientific Information, Environment, and Hydrology
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