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Unconsolidated Aquifer Systems: Indiana, 2011

AQUIFER_SYSTEMS_UNCONSOLIDATED_IDNR_IN is a polygon shapefile that shows unconsolidated aquifer systems of the state of Indiana at a scale of 1:48,000. The following is excerpted from the IDNR DOW website, Aquifer Systems Mapping 1:48,000 Aquifer Systems Mapping Methods: The maps, with accompanying text and tables, describe characteristics such as geologic materials, thickness of confining units, aquifer thickness, static water levels, well yield, typical well depths, and depth to the aquifer resource. The counties within the northern Basin Studies were adapted from that series to complete statewide coverage in a uniform style. The basin study aquifer system names are unique and are described on those county map adaptations, and in more detail within the cited publication. All of the unconsolidated mapping is intended for use at a scale of 1:48,000 or smaller. For questions or comments, contact the IDNR DOW by phone (317) 232-4160 (option 4), E-mail, or mail at Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water, 402 West Washington Street, Room W264, Indianapolis, IN 46204.
Indiana, United States
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