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Arcihiepiscopatvs Cameracensis : Archevelche de Cambray; Arcihiepiscopatus Cameracensis

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Relief shown pictorially. Decorative cartouche includes the coat of arms of Cambrai topped by an archbishops' hat, crook and scepter. The scale cartouche includes two surveyors with their tools. This state does not match any states listed in van der Krogt. His entry for 3310:1B:1 mentions a state without the Johannem Janssonium imprint, which matches this map. From the Jansson Appendix Atlas 1636-1680, title created to represent a unique collection within the Clark Library, University of Michigan. 1 map ; 45 x 55 cm. This map is in the public domain. Please attribute access and use of this digitized map to the Stephen S. Clark Library, University of Michigan Library.
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Nord, Hauts-de-France, France and France
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