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Schools, Derived from HAZUS: Indiana, 2002

SCHOOLS_HAZUS_IN is a point shapefile that shows locations of school buildings in Indiana. In addition to public and private schools and universities, the shapefile contains locations of preschools, trade schools, language schools, hair-styling schools, obedience schools, and others. SCHOOLS_HAZUS_IN was derived from a shapefile named SCHOOLS.SHP. A predecessor shapefile of SCHOOLS, named EFSCHOOLS.SHP, was obtained by the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). The shapefile was included on a CD-ROM (titled arcHAZUS97, Eastern US) that is the product of a program referred to as HAZUS, The FEMA Tool for Estimating Earthquake Losses. The original shapefile (referred to as EFSCHOOLS.SHP) has been modified by personnel of the IGS. This metadata was created by personnel of IGS, using information included in the HAZUS user's manuals. Data for the predecessor shapefile was obtained from a FEMA Database (1992) (HAZUS99, Technical and User Manuals, Appendices.pdf, Appendix D, Summary of Inventory Databases.)
Indiana, United States
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