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WROC Imagery Wisconsin, 2015

Ayres Associates provided NCWRPC with digital orthoimagery services in 2015 as part of WROC. The coverage area included 41 counties in Wisconsin and was flown in spring 2014 and spring 2015 under leaf-off conditions. The 4-band (RGB-NIR) aerial imagery was collected using either a Leica Geosystems ADS 100 or Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam Eagle sensor outfitted in a fixed-wing aircraft with onboard GPS/IMU systems and gyro-stabilized mounts. The native resolution aerial imagery was acquired to support 6-inch and 12-inch ground sample distance (GSD) specifications. Resultant orthoimagery was rectified to new DEMs created from the acquired imagery and existing LiDAR where available. Orthoimagery was delivered in DOQQ GeoTIFF format by county. The re-sampled 4-band, 18-inch pixel DOQQ orthoimagery meets or exceeds +/- 14.4 foot horizontal accuracy at 95% confidence level according to ASPRS standards. Supplemental Information: The Wisconsin Regional Orthophotography Consortium (WROC) is a multi-entity group led by regional planning commissions (RPCs) and WROC representatives from Ayres Associates. The goal of the consortium is to build and sustain a multi-participant program to acquire digital orthoimagery and elevation data throughout Wisconsin. Orthoimagery was collected to provide consistent deliverable products and accuracy standards for each of the participating entities.
Wisconsin Imagery/LiDAR
Wisconsin, United States
Imagery and Base Maps, Wisconsin Regional Orthoimagery Consortium, Orthophotography, and Aerial imagery
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