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Buildings Washburn County, Wisconsin, 2017

This point data layer represents buildings for Washburn County, Wisconsin in 2017. It is a feature class within the geodatabase, Washburn_Buildings_2017.gdb. [This data set consists of digital map files containing addressing or building information obtained primarily by conducting lab work using aerial imagery. Features contained in the data set include all building or primary structure points countywide and associated attributes. Building points sometimes are referred to as primary structures, however these data typically represent the main building(s) that have been addressed on each parcel. The Washburn County Land Information Office plans to maintain this digital data in ESRI's ArcGIS 9.x geodatabase environment using ArcMap tools. Some of the data was developed using field data collection techniques and field data collection will be used extensively to maintain the data. There are attributes in the data documenting the source for each record. Site access points are always present as a related feature class, however not all site access points are accompanied by a building point.]
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Washburn County, Wisconsin, United States and Wisconsin, United States
Structure and Buildings
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