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Reed Canary Grass Dominated Wetlands Wisconsin, 2006

This Grid-format data set is a raster representation of the reed canary grass dominated wetlands of Wisconsin, derived from Landsat satellite imagery. The source data were acquired from Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) and Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM+) data ranging from 1999-2003 as well as the wetland class of the WISCLAND Land Cover Grid. The image processing technique followed was published in the 'Development of a Landscape Level Monitoring Methodology Based on Mapping Invasive Species, Phase II: Statewide Mapping of Wetlands Dominated by Reed Canary Grass, Phalaris arundinacea L.' (2007). The pixel size of the source data is 30 meters. The result of this is that any feature one-half of an acre or larger may be resolved in the data (i.e., Minimum Mapping Unit (MMU) of one-half acre). The reed canary grass data are usable at nominal scales of 1:40,000 to 1:500,000 for a wide variety of wetland assessment and wetland restoration planning applications.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Wisconsin, United States
Environment, Biota, Inland Waters, Reed canary grass, Landsat Thematic Mapper, Vegetation, Environment, Wetland, and Invasives
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