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Addresses Taylor County, Wisconsin, YE2016

This point data layer represents addresses for Taylor County, Wisconsin at year-end 2016. It is a feature class within the geodatabase 'Taylor_Addresses_YE2016.gdb'. [Buildings represent a collection of points spatially located over the main building for any given address. For the most part, in urban areas, there is not a building point located unless the main building would not be physically visible from the road. The data was developed to only show the main structure for a given address, meaning that there is only one building point per address . In the case of duplexes or multi family structures additional building points and site access points are added. By only having one building point per address and one site access point, a one to one relationship is maintained with the site access point.]
Wisconsin Counties Open Data
Taylor County, Wisconsin, United States and Wisconsin, United States
Location and Street addresses
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