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Outstanding Rivers Listed by the Natural Resource Commission: Indiana, 2004

RIVERS_OUTSTANDING_NRC_IN represents river and stream segments on the NRCs Outstanding Rivers list for Indiana. The source data was last updated in October 1997. Stream segments were obtained from 1:100K National Hydrography Dataset. The following was excerpted from the website for the Natural Resources Commission: In 1993, the Natural Resources Commission adopted its Outstanding Rivers List for Indiana. The listing was published in the Indiana Register on March 1 of that year as Information Bulletin #4 in Volume 16, Number 6, page 1677 through 1680 (sometimes cited as 16 IR 1677). The listing has also been specifically incorporated by reference into statutes and rules. Notably, the listing is referenced in the standards for utility line crossings within floodways, formerly governed by IC 14-28-2 and now controlled by 310 IAC 6-1-16 through 310 IAC 6-1-18. See, also, the general permit for logjam removals, implemented as an emergency rule and pending for adoption as a permanent rule at 310 IAC 6-1-20. Except where incorporated into a statute or rule, the listing is intended to provide guidance rather than to have regulatory application. A special listing was prepared by the division of outdoor recreation of the department of natural resources. The listing is a corrected and condensed version of a listing complied by American Rivers and dated October 1990. There are about 2,000 river miles included on the listing, a figure which represents less than 9% of the estimated 24,000 total river miles in Indiana. The natural resources commission has adopted the listing as an official recognition of the resource values of these waters.
Indiana, United States
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