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Ownership Status of Lands Within the Acquirement Boundary: Indiana, 2008

PATOKA_RIVER_NWR_AREA_USFWS_IN is a polygon shapefile that depicts the ownership status of lands within the acquirement boundary of Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge, provided by Patoka River NWR. Lands are classified as Federal (USFWS), State (Pike State Forest), or Private. Users should be aware that other state lands including more tracts of the Pike State Forest and the Sugar Ridge Wildlife Management Area adjoin or are near the refuge purchase boundary depicted. The data set provided was in an ESRI shapefile format and was named Tract Owners 83. This file was cleaned and reattributed by Bernardin, Lochmueller & Associates. The land within this shapefile is very near the legislative boundary, the boundary of potential federal land acquisition, with only a small piece of USFWS owned land occurring outside this delineation. Some areas owned by FWS are closed to hunting, consult Patoka River NWR for information. This file is not survey quality. Boundaries were placed using USGS DRGs and lines were sometimes shifted (30-90 feet) to enable hardcopy presentation.
Indiana, United States and West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
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