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Parcels Manitowoc County, Wisconsin 2016

This polygon data layer represents tax parcels for Manitowoc County, Wisconsin in 2016. It is a feature class within the geodatabase, Manitowoc_Parcels_2016.gdb. The features included in this geodatabase are 'FARMLAND', 'GENERAL', and 'SHORELAND'. [The parcel data set delineates the tax parcels and associated annotation in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Each parcel is attributed with the County's parcel identification number (PIN). The PIN is used to relate parcels to tax listing databases. Parcel boundaries were derived from a variety of sources including GPS control, Manitowoc County digital orthophotography (DOP), an adjusted version of the WDNR LandNet, scanned/registered tax parcel assessment sheets, legal descriptions, certified survey maps (CSMs), subdivision plats, and road centerlines and hydrology developed from DOPs. These source materials were of several different scales and were from dates ranging from the early 1930's to present. Parcels were mapped to fit within Manitowoc County's Public Land Survey System grid using coordinate geometry (COGO) or screen digitizing. (Note: The County does not map parcels in the City of Manitowoc; they are included in this dataset by permission).]
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Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, United States and Wisconsin, United States
Inland Waters, Real property, and Land ownership
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