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Zoning Wisconsin (Statewide), 2017

This file was aggregated as part of the final deliverable for the Version 3 Statewide Parcel Map Database Project (V3). This feature class represents a comprehensive, spatially referenced collection of zoning geometries as recognized by County Governments within the State of Wisconsin (the feature class is aggregated from county level data and represents zoning that is administered by the county). See the parcel project homepage for more detail on the parameters for how data was prepared and submitted to this project: documentation can be found within this feature class as GIS metadata and here: logand known issues: can be found here: This record describes the GENERAL Zoning layer. There are additional features included: AIRPORT, FARMLAND, FLOODPLAIN, & SHORELAND.The Web Service URL included with this dataset may display the most current 'GENERAL zoning' layer available, and is not necessarily represented by the date of the content described here.
State of Wisconsin
Wisconsin, United States
Planning and Cadastral, Real property, and Land ownership
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