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Trails Jefferson County, Wisconsin, YE2016

This line data layer represents bike trails, routes, and road classifications for Jefferson County, Wisconsin at year-end 2016. It is a feature class within the geodatabase, Jefferson_Trails_YE2016.gdb.[This shapefile is compiled of all the little shapefiles out there that were created to make previous editions of the bike map. This file is all those files pulled together into one to create the May 2012 Jefferson County Bike Trail Map. Some routes have multiple stacked lines so that multiple classifications can be represented on that particular route. Classification Codes:Stress: MHS= High/Med volume/stress routes; LS= Low volume/stress routes; OFFRD= Off road routes on either paved or crushed stone pathsTrails: GRT= Glacial River Trail; GDT= Glacial Drumlin Trail; IAT= Ice Age Trail; CR= City Routes; CRR= County Rural Routes; ICR= Intra-Community RouteRoad Ranking: RSG= Road suitable for shared bike/motor vehicle use; RSF= Road may be suitable depending on cyclist's skill level; RSP= Road not recommended for biking in current condition(Current 2012) Bike Map project files located: ctl/trails/2012BikeMap]
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