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Water Quality Observation: Summaries, Derived from EPA BASINS: Indiana, 2004

WATER_QUALITY_OBSERVATIONS_EPA_IN is a point shapefile developed by the USEPA BASINS 3.0 program and edited by Bernardin, Lochmueller and Associates. Points represent monitoring stations attributed as occurring within the state of Indiana or along the Ohio River in Kentucky. Joinable tables must be utilized to access data at specific stations for specific parameters. US Environmental Protection Agency BASINS metadata reports - This data set provides a limited set of raw water quality observation data for the conterminous United States. The data are extracted from the U.S. EPA Storage and Retrieval of US Waters Parametric Data (STORET) which is contributed by a number of organizations including federal, state, interstate agencies, universities, contractors, individuals and water laboratories. Data updates are performed weekly. Each provider of data is responsible for the data it submits to STORET. For distribution with BASINS v.2.0, raw water quality data was extracted from STORET for a maximum of 15 stations per cataloging unit. The WQOBS data were prepared in Arcview shape file format while selected relational attributes were prepared in Arcview DBF file format.
Indiana, United States
Environment and Hydrology
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