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StreetMap USA: U.S. Detailed Streets

StreetMap USA: U.S. Detailed Streets is a line theme representing detailed streets, interstate highways, and major roads within the United States. U.S. Detailed Streets is part of StreetMap USA. StreetMap USA is a dataset in Smart Data Compression (SDC) format that provides nationwide streets display, routing, and geocoding for the United States. It contains a TIGER 2000-based streets dataset, enhanced by ESRI and Tele Atlas, and prepared for routing within the StreetMap Find Route dialog. StreetMap USA data is provided in the ESRI Data & Maps media kit on the ESRI Data & Maps/StreetMap USA DVD.
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This data is hosted by Columbia, and is currently unavailable to download. If you have questions about this or other unavailable datasets please submit this as feedback .