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Nationwide Rivers Inventory: Indiana, 2004

Dataset includes all Indiana river reaches on the Nationwide Rivers Inventory (NRI) listed by the U.S. National Park Service (NPS). The file was created using 1:100,000 scale data from the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), therefore, the lines remain in the NHD reaches, resulting in multiple line segments for each NRI listing. The line segments have NOT been dissolved. The start and end point of each listing segment is approximate and located by described landmarks. The following excerpt from the NPS, NRI website describes the eligibility for a river to be listed- In order to be listed on the NRI, a river must be free-flowing and possess one or more Outstandingly Remarkable Values (ORVs). Thus, the eligibility analysis consists of an examination of the river's hydrology, including any man-made alterations, and an inventory of its natural, cultural, and recreational resources. There are a variety of methods to determine whether certain resources are so unique, rare or exemplary as to make them outstandingly remarkable. The determination that a river area contains ORVs is a professional judgment on the part of the interdisciplinary study team (IDT), based on objective, scientific analysis. Input from organizations and individuals familiar with specific river resources should be sought and documented as part of the process. In order to be assessed as outstandingly remarkable, a river-related value must be a unique, rare, or exemplary feature that is significant at a comparative regional or national scale. Dictionary definitions of the words unique and rare indicate that such a value would be one that is conspicuous example from among a number of similar values that are themselves uncommon or extraordinary. Only one such value is needed for eligibility.
Indiana, United States, Tippecano County, Indiana, United States, and Wabash River, Indiana, United States
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