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Streams and Shorelines: Illinois, 2004

This dataset contains data representing streams and shorelines in Illinois and portions of surrounding states as derived from US Geological Survey 1:100,000-scale Digital Line Graph files, hydrography layer, 1980-1986. This includes all the DLG streams data that ISGS/IDNR customarily stored by county prior to 2004. Polygon topology is not included (i.e. Lakes can not be identified or shaded). Many class 1 streams are not included. Edgematching and generation of polygon topology for lakes and large rivers is incomplete. Publication dates of the USGS maps used as sources range from 1980 to 1986. The maximum estimated error in horizontal position based on National Map Accuracy Standards is 167 feet. Experience shows that actual locational error appears to be greater, especially in localized areas. Attributes include feature type and coincidence, among others. The data are stored in geographic coordinates, NAD83. These data have not been updated since 1986 (except in one isolated instance), nor are there plans to do so. Accordingly, these data are for general reference and cartographic use. This is a legacy dataset made available as a convenience. The data are not suitable for showing all local streams or shorelines at a large scale for any given area. These data can be considered to be essentially out of date and unmaintained. These data and most of the accompanying metadata were originally developed and maintained under the auspices of the Illinois Geographic Information System (IGIS) initiative (circa 1986). Maintenance of the metadata was transferred to ISGS circa 1996.
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