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Abandoned Sand and Pits: Indiana, 2003

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SAND_GRAVEL_PITS_ABANDONED_IN is a point shapefile that shows the locations of abandoned sand and gravel pits in Indiana. It is derived from an unpublished memorandum report of the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS): Hasenmueller, W. A., 2001, Preliminary database of abandoned sand and gravel pits, Coal and Industrial Minerals Section Memorandum Report 98, Indiana Geological Survey, Bloomington, 3 p., and a CD-ROM. NOTE: This shapefile includes 2,275 of 2,515 sand and gravel pit locations from the IGS Abandoned Sand and Gravel Pit Database (titled PrelimSdGvDB.mdb) that are located in Indiana and for which the documented location is to the nearest quarter quarter section. The 240 pit locations that were excluded did not have adequate quarter quarter section information that could be processed by Geographix software. The following discussion is derived from Memorandum Report 98: The Microsoft Access 2000 database PrelimSdGvDB.mdb on the enclosed CD contains information about abandoned sand and gravel pits in Indiana. The data contained in this database represents a preliminary stage in a comprehensive compilation of abandoned sand and gravel pit data stored in the files of the Mineral Resources Section of the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS). The data were taken from a single Mineral Resources Section file titled DATA TABULATION CARDS: Sand and Gravel Pits which documents abandoned sand and gravel pits examined by IGS geologists in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Although these data have been assembled into a simple flat-file database they should not be regarded as a final compilation of the above mentioned file nor should they be regarded as a compilation of all abandoned sand and gravel pit information filed in IGS Mineral Resources Section files. The Mineral Resources Section is providing this preliminary database in response to a request from the Energy Resources Section of the IGS.
Indiana, United States and West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
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