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Waste Site Boundaries: Indiana, 2015

LANDFILL_BOUNDARIES_IDEM_IN.SHP is a polygon shapefile that contains boundaries for open dump sites, approved landfills, and permitted landfills in Indiana, provided by personnel of Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Land Quality (IDEM, OLQ) as of April 8, 2015. The data set provided by IDEM was in an Esri shapefile format and was named 2015Landfill_Boundaries.SHP. LANDFILL_BOUNDARIES_IDEM_IN.SHP is attributed with facility names, permit numbers, and calculated area. This dataset is not complete, but comprises the waste boundaries of landfills as a work in progress. IDEM will periodically update and add new boundaries. The closure date for these landfills runs from the late 1960's to today. Most of them are closed, but a number of them are still active today. Most of the boundaries were digitized as estimated from IDEM personnel experience, but many were base on georeferencing survey maps that are submitted by the facility to IDEM. These landfills with more accurate boundaries are indicated by containing an actual value in the attribute field named VFC_NO.
Indiana, United States
Environment and Solid waste
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