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Soil Associations, Wisconsin 2008

This layer consists of a polygon layer at 1:250,000 scale (WI_SoilAssociations_2008'/'sasppoly') used in preparing the GCSM, and containing information on Wisconsin soils. This layer includes data about soil associations. By definition, a soil association is a landscape that has a distinctive proportional pattern of soils; it normally consists of one or more major soils and at least one minor soil, and is named for the major soil. The soil associations layer was digitized from the 1:250,000-scale compilation sheets of a 1968 soils map of Wisconsin (Hole et. al). The soil associations in this coverage were subsequently grouped into 4 'soil characteristics' categories in the layer 'WI_SoilCharacteristics_2008'/'schppoly', for use in the GCSM. For the purposes of the GCSM, soil depth was considered to extend from the land surface to 5 feet below the land surface.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Wisconsin, United States
Geoscientific Information, Farming, Landscapes, Pedology, Soils, Soil types, and Soil associations
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