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Atlanta Regional Commission Bicycle/Pedestrian Trails

This polyline datalayer depicts bicycle and pedestrian projects, with associated attribute data, for the Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) 10-county region. ARC documentation states that: This Theme represents the bicycle/pedestrian component of the 2025 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) as well as existing bike/ped trails. This dataset was recently revised by Wilbur Smith Associates, working with various staff within the Transportation Planning Division (TPD) and the GIS Division at ARC. This Theme was created in ArcInfo using a variety of hardcopy sources from ARC's local governments for "heads up" digitizing against the 1999 digital orthophoto quarter quad (DOQQ) imagery. Various features (arcs), representing on-street bike/ped trails and projects, were selected from GDOT's DLGF street centerline file, the primary contributing source to the new Atlanta Region Streets Theme (STREETS). Off-road bike/ped paths were approximated for both existing and proposed (future) trails using this same imagery and street base. To identify the RTP (proposed) trails, use the STATUS field to classify and symbolize, or to query records with a value equal to "future." To identify existing trails, use the STATUS field for a value equal to "existing." Please note, not all RTP Bike/Ped projects are necessarily represented in this Theme.
Atlanta Regional Commission
Atlanta and Georgia (United States)
transportation, Municipal, Transportation, Bicycle trails, and Trails
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