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Atlanta Regional Commission Cobb County Bus Routes

This polyline datalayer represents the Cobb Community Transit (CCT) Bus Routes. According to the ARC's documentation: "Shown together in this Theme are the 13 local routes and 2 express routes which make up the CCT system, though none of the route numbers are linked to the geography with this release of the data. Since the last release, Route 30 has been modified and changes to Route 50 and Route 60 take effect April 1, 2002. Route numbers and route beginning and ending points can be obtained from both the system and individual route maps on Cobb DOT's Web site at More detailed route attribute information such as route number, bus stop locations, and bus stop amenities may be added to this CCT Theme in the future."
Atlanta Regional Commission
Atlanta and Georgia (United States)
transportation, Municipal, Transportation, and Bus lines
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