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Atlanta Regional Commission 2000 Census Tracts

This polygon datalayer depicts census tract level boundaries with associated census attribute data for the Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) 10-county region. Data displayed here was derived from the US Census Bureau SF-1 release of July, 2001. ARC documentation states that: "This Theme was derived from the 2000 TIGER files provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. All attribute data for the 564 census tracts associated with this 10-county Atlanta Region theme is drawn from the Census Bureau's SF1 release (July, 2001). Please be advised that for the first time, the Census Bureau allowed persons to classify themselves as a member of one or more races in the 2000 census. Users need to note the lack of comparability between race data in the 1990 ARC Census Tracts Theme and race data in this 2000 ARC Census Tracts Theme. Many more data variables are included in the SF1 release than are present here, and please note that the focus is generally on personal and household social characteristics, rather than on economic information (e.g. income and poverty) or housing unit characteristics. These latter variables are what are called "sample variables" and will be available only in summer 2002 with the release of the SF3 sample. Please note that this Theme currently contains Census demographic data only and does not incooporate details on employment, population estimates and forecasts, or household and housing unit statistics."
Atlanta Regional Commission
Atlanta and Georgia (United States)
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