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Baghdad Airports, Polygons

This polygon layer depicts two airports or airfields adjacent to Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq: Baghdad International Airport and the Rasheed Airbase.Baghdad International Airport (BIA), formerly known as Saddam International Airport is located approximately 16 kilometers west of Baghdad. The airfield is a joint civil-military airport, with a civil international terminal on one side and a smaller military ramp on the other. The airport is served by a Class I runway 13,000 feet long and a second runway on the military side of the airfield measuring 8,800 feet.The BIA was extensively damaged by bombing and active military engagements during the United States invasion and occupation of Iraq and Baghdad during March and April, 2003. On April 4, 2003 the airport was captured and renamed 'Baghdad International Airport' by the U.S. Central Command. Military flights resumed in July, 2003.In June, 2004, control of the airport's 35 acres of land as well as its 40 service buildings was transferred from U.S. led military forces to the newly-constituted Iraqi authorities. Small portions of the airport area and environs continue to be occupied by coalition forces under an agreement reached with the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation to allow access for military aircraft.Rasheed Airbase / Al-Rashid Military Camp is located approximately 11 kilometers southeast of downtown Baghdad. The airbase is served by a 8,300 foot long runway.
Baghdad and Iraq
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