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China county boundary with 2000 population Census data from 9.5% Long Form data (Part D: Tables L4-2 to L6-9)

This polygon datalayer includes China county boundary with 2000 population Census data from 9.5% Long Form data. This layer is one (Part D) of seven layers (see also Parts A-C and E-G) covering the entire Long Form data; this layer covers Long Form tables L4-2 to L6-9: L4-2: Employed population by sex and two digits classification of occupation; L6-1: Age-specific fertility rate and total fertility rate of women aged 15-50 by region; L6-9: Number of children ever born and surviving to women aged 15-50 by region. This datalayer is part of the China 2000 county population census data set produced by the All China Marketing Research Co. and distributed by the University of Michigan, China Data Center (2003). The new version (III) of 2000 county data include 2000 county boundary GIS map and several other GIS maps, integrated with more than 1,900 variables from 2000 population census data for counties and urban districts. Source scale: 1:1,000,000.
All China Marketing Research Co. ; distributed by University of Michigan China Data Center, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Census, Demography, Population Statistics, Vital statistics, Fertility, Human, Childbirth Statistics, Economic statistics, Occupations, Sex Statistics, Counties, Administrative and political divisions, society, economy, and boundaries
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