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CHGIS Version 4 : China 1820 Province Capitals

point features showing the province capitals in China for the year 1820 1820 Data CHGIS V4 contains spatial data for the entire territory claimed by the Qing Dynasty for the year 1820. Separate point and polygon GIS layers are provided for provinces, prefectures, and counties. An additional 8,000 towns and villages are provided as a point layer. The V3 1820 datasets have not been revised from V2, and are reposted here with the same filenames as the previous version. Spatial objects in the V3 1820 datasets retain the same SYSTEM_ID number that was used for them in previous versions. New with V4 are Coded Rivers, assigned Strahler Stream Orders by Mark Henderson. -- text from CHGIS v4 CD-ROM.
CHGIS, Harvard Yenching Institute
province capitals, China, Cities and towns, Capitals (Cities), Chinese provinces, Administrative and political divisions, Names, Geographical, and location
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