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Germany State Boundaries, 1867, German Historical GIS

The German War of 1866 and the subsequent dissolution of the German Confederation led to major changes in the political map of "core Germany" The dataset contains the territorial extensions of the 23 states of the North German Confederation, founded in 1866/67 under Prussian leadership, and of the three south German states still remaining outside this new federated state, i.e. the Grand Duchy of Baden as well as the kingdoms of Wurttemberg and Bavaria. The Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt belonged to the Federation with only the northern portion of its territory. The Duchy of Schleswig - formerly a Danish possession - has now become part of Prussia and thus of the North German Federation, moving the northern German boundary to the position of "core Germany". The dataset includes the boundaries of the North German Federation as a special layer.
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Germany, German Confederation, Central Europe, Germany, Poland, Kaliningrad Oblast, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Lithuania
Political Divisions, sovereign states, boundaries, Boundaries, Administrative and political divisions, German states, and Population Statistics
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