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Boston, Massachusetts Region LIDAR First Return Elevation Data, 2002

LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) first return elevation data of the Boston, Massachusetts region from MassGIS at 1-meter resolution. This LIDAR data was captured in Spring 2002. LIDAR first return data (which shows the highest ground features, e.g. tree canopy, buildings etc.) can be used to produce a digital terrain model of the Earth's surface. This dataset consists of 74 First Return DEM tiles. The tiles are 4km by 4km areas corresponding with the MassGIS orthoimage index. This data set was collected using 3Di's Digital Airborne Topographic Imaging System II (DATIS II). The area of coverage corresponds to the following MassGIS orthophoto quads covering the Boston region (MassGIS orthophoto quad ID: 229890, 229894, 229898, 229902, 233886, 233890, 233894, 233898, 233902, 233906, 233910, 237890, 237894, 237898, 237902, 237906, 237910, 241890, 241894, 241898, 241902, 245898, 245902). The geographic extent of this dataset is the same as that of the MassGIS dataset: Boston, Massachusetts Region 1:5,000 Color Ortho Imagery (1/2-meter Resolution), 2001 and was used to produce the MassGIS dataset: Boston, Massachusetts, 2-Dimensional Building Footprints with Roof Height Data (from LIDAR data), 2002 [see cross references].
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