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Massachusetts Rents by Town, 1990

This datalayer is a polygon coverage for Massachusetts towns which portrays median rent paid (in U.S. dollars) and rent paid calculated as a percentage of household income (for 1989). The statistical data contained here was collected as part of the U.S. Census of Population and Housing and originally published as part of the 1990 Census. The currentness reference date for the tabular data here is April 1, 1990, except in the case of rent as a percentage of income, which is 1989. For more information on the definitions and enumeration process please read the "Supplemental Information" section which follows. This layer was derived from the Massachusetts Electronic Atlas database published by the Harvard Map Collection in 2001. The Massachusetts Electronic Atlas (MEA) was a collaborative project to provides access, via the Internet, to data about the Commonwealth, its thirteen regional planning agency districts and 351 cities and towns. This dataset is now only available via The Harvard Geospatial Library.
boundaries, society, Population geography, Census, Housing, and Rental housing
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