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Massachusetts Ground Water Discharge Points

This datalayer displays Ground Water Discharge Points throughout Massachusetts . The Ground Water Discharge Points were compiled by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Division of Water Pollution Control (DWPC) Ground Water (GW) Section. The datalayer contains permitted discharges of sanitary sewage in excess of 10,000 gallons per day (gpd), discharges of non-contact cooling water, discharges from coin operated laundromats, carwashes and treatment systems designed to remediate contaminated groundwaters. Information was collected from the Permit Application Files in the Boston Office. The coverage consists of 173 points, representing approximately 85% of the Total number of discharge points. The data layer is stored as a single statewide coverage, GWP. As stated in 314 CMR 5.00, the Division will control the discharge of pollutants to the ground waters of the Commonwealth to assure that these waters are protected for their highest potential use. This layer was derived from the Massachusetts Electronic Atlas database published by the Harvard Map Collection in 2001. The Massachusetts Electronic Atlas (MEA) was a collaborative project to provides access, via the Internet, to data about the Commonwealth, its thirteen regional planning agency districts and 351 cities and towns. This dataset is now only available via The Harvard Geospatial Library.
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