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MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts Hydrography (1:25,000) (Polygons) (March 2003)

The MassGIS 1:25,000 Hydrography datalayer represents hydrographic (water-related) features, including surface water (lakes, ponds, reservoirs), wetlands, bogs, flats, rivers, streams, and others (see attributes section below). MassGIS has edited and modified the USGS 1:25,000 Hydrography Digital Line Graph (DLG) quadrangle files and the USGS 1:100,000 Hydrography DLG files and digitized hydrographic features from the USGS 1:25,000 Topographic Quadrangles to produce a hybrid 1:25,000 Massachusetts Hydrography Datalayer. The 1:100,000 DLG features were enhanced by digitizing those streams and ponds from the USGS quadrangles that were not part of the 1:100,000 data. MassGIS has also scanned USGS mylar separates to begin replacing the 1:100,000 enhanced data with 1:25,000 features.
Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS)
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This data is hosted by Harvard, and is currently unavailable to preview and download. If you have questions about this or other unavailable datasets please submit this as feedback .