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Buildings, Amsterdam (East), Netherlands, 2008-2010

This layer contains polygon features representing buildings for Amsterdam (East), Netherlands, 2008-2010. It is part of the TOP10NL data set published by Kadaster, the Dutch Land Registry. Data is at a scale of 1:10,000. Buildings includes features such as: visitor centers, bunkers, crematoriums, government buildings, docks, electricity facilities, factories, forts, gas power plants, water power pumping stations, prisons, hotels, warehouses, department stores, housing blocks, chapels, castles, churches, nuclear power plants, clock towers, convents, abbeys, clinics, sanatoriums, ice skating rinks, cooling towers, cupolas, light towers, watch towers, riding schools, subway stations, military buildings, motels, museums, parks, parking lots/garages, police stations, post offices, psychiatric hospitals, radar centers, radar towers, radio towers, television towers, recreation centers, rescue boat houses, religious buildings, carriage houses, ruins, schools, sheepfolds, chimneys, sports stadiums, tanks, filling stations, telecommunications towers, other towers, transformer stations, train stations, viewing towers, universities, auction houses, lighthouses, water towers, water mills, guard stations, road houses, and more.
Netherlands and Amsterdam
Buildings and structure
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