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Planimetric Feature Points, Amsterdam (East), Netherlands, 2008-2010

This layer contains points representing planimetric features for Amsterdam (East), Netherlands, 2008-2010. It is part of the TOP10NL data set published by Kadaster, the Dutch Land Registry. Data is at a scale of 1:10,000. Planimetric points includes features such as: beacons, trees, drill wells, derricks, fire towers, dams, moorings, gas wells, memorials/monuments, water pumping stations, wave recorder piles, GPS markers, helicopter landing platforms, pylons, dolmens, capes, cable masts, chapels, kilometer markers, railway kilometer markers, water kilometer markers, cupolas, cooling towers, shooting galleries, cranes, crosses, loading platforms, lightstands, lighthouses, aviation lights, important objects, oil pumps, poles, level measuring stations, tide gauges, pillars, radar stations, radio beacons, radio telescopes, chimneys, signal posts, floodgates, stations, beach posts, weirs, toll houses, towers, view-points, fisheries, flues, signposts, windmills, windmill water mills, windmill corn mills, wind turbines, navigation lights, towers, visible wrecks, and more.
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