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UA Census Consolidated Cities, 2000 - Connecticut

This datalayer displays the Consolidated Cities for the state based on the ground condition of January 1, 2000. A consolidated government is a unit of local government for which the functions of an incorporated place and its county or minor civil division (MCD) have merged. The legal aspects of this action may result in both the primary incorporated place and the county or MCD continuing to exist as legal entities, even though the county or MCD performs few or no governmental functions and has few or no elected officials. Where this occurs, and where one or more other incorporated places in the county or MCD continue to function as separate governments, even though they have been included in the consolidated government, the primary incorporated place is referred to as a "Consolidated City."
U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
boundaries, Census, Cities and towns, Land settlement patterns, Boundaries, and Consolidated Cities
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