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Census Miscellaneous Ground Transportation Features, 1995 - Alaska

This datalayer displays the miscellaneous ground transportation features for the state of Alaska. Features other than roads or railroads may be included in this layer. The predominant features in this layer have Census Feature Class Codes (CFCC) of C10 (Pipelines: enclosed pipe, carrying fluid or slurry, situated above ground, or in special conditions, below ground when marked by a cleared right-of way and signage) and C20 (Power Transmission Line: High voltage electrical line, on towers, situated on cleared right-of-way). Other features that may be included are: Miscellaneous Ground Transportation With Special Characteristics: A portion of a ground transportation system that has separately identifiable characteristics. This category is for specialized transportation, usually confined to a local area, that is separate from other ground transportation. Other ground transportation that is not a pipeline or a power transmission line, such as aerial tramway, monorail, or ski lift.
U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
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