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Bicycle Trails

This dataset, formerly named "Rail Trails," was created by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management for the purpose of regional planning and mapping. In 2002 the layer was updated and renamed "Bicycle Trails". The linework in this layer represents trails which all permit bicycle travel or corridors with conversion potential; however, bicycles are not the exclusive travel mode permitted on these trails. The manager or owner of the trail should be contacted for detailed information about the permitted uses and rules of conduct that are specific to that trail. Most such corridors use, or connect to, old railway lines. Many of the trails represented in this layer are open to some combination of activities such as walking, jogging, rollerblading, skiing, horse riding, snowmobiling, etc., as well as bicycling. At scales of 1:50,000 or smaller the data is reliable for all trails; At scales 1:50,000 and larger the data quality of some trails may be significantly inaccurate. This data set is stored as a single statewide layer named BIKETRAILS_ARC.
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