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C-CAP zone 65 2006-Era Land Cover Metadata

This is a final classification. It is ready for distribution. This data set is the 2006-era classification of U.S. Great Lakes Region, zone 65. This data set utilized 9 full or partial Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper scenes which were analyzed according to the Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) protocol to determine land cover.
NOAA's Ocean Service, Coastal Services Center (CSC)
Coastal Zone, U.S. Great Lakes Region, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Gulf of Maine, Ocean > Atlantic Ocean > North Atlantic Ocean, Ocean > Atlantic Ocean > North Atlantic Ocean > Gulf Of Maine, and Continent > North America > United States Of America > Massachusetts
Land Cover Analysis, Change Detection Analysis, Remotely Sensed Imagery/Photos, ImageryBaseMapsEarthCover, 010, Human Dimensions > Land Use/Land Cover > Land Use Classes, Land Surface > Land Use/Land Cover > Land Cover, and Land Surface > Land Use/Land Cover > Land Use Classes
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