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MDPH Community Health Network Areas (Arcs)

The MDPH Community Health Network Areas (CHNA) layer represents 27 administrative boundaries used by the Office of Healthy Communities (OHC), Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH). MDPH established the CHNA effort in 1992. Each CHNA is a coalition with broad-based membership from the public, non-profit and private sectors, such as local health and human service agencies, schools, consumers, faith-based communities, businesses and many other partners interested in working to enrich their community. The mission of the statewide network initiative is to enhance access to care, provide an opportunity for greater collaboration, and to create a client-centered, outcome-oriented health service delivery system in each community. CHNAs promote efficiency and enhance the effectiveness of community-based services by reducing duplication and gaps and by increasing health promotion and prevention services. The source material for this datalayer was compiled by Cathy O'Conner, Director, OHC, MDPH ( This GIS datalayer is derived from the Survey Town Boundaries available from MassGIS ( This line layer is stored at MassGIS as CHNA_ARC.
Community Health Network Area, CHNA, Office of Healthy Communities, OHC, and MDPH
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