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USGS Data Collection Stations

The US Geological Survey (USGS) maintains data-collection stations throughout Massachusetts. This statewide datalayer, DCSITE98, represents active and discontinued stations at which USGS collects or had previously collected streamflow data. Though maintained by USGS, the stations are funded by various sources. The points represent four types of data-collection stations. Type 1 stations are streamflow-gaging stations, where data are or have been collected continuously for numerous uses. Type 2 stations are peak-flow partial-record stations, where data are collected only when streamflows are high relative to normal conditions. Data from type 2 stations are used to compute peak-flow frequency statistics, such as the 100-year recurrence interval flood. Type 3 stations are low-flow partial-record or miscellaneous-measurements stations, where data are collected primarily for estimating low-flow statistics, such as the 7-day, 10-year low flow, but data may also be collected at these stations for other purposes specific to individual hydrologic studies. Type 4 stations are those that have been operated both as a type 2 and a type 3 station, either at the same or at different times. Of the 725 stations included in this data layer, data were collected at only 85 streamflow-gaging stations during 1998. All other stations were inactive, but streamflow statistics for all the stations are available.
USGS Data Collection Stations
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