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South Boston Designated Port Area Boundary

The dataset shows the boundary of the South Boston Designated Port Area. The state has designated areas in developed ports for the purposes of promoting and protecting marine industrial activities and certain supporting uses. According to the purpose section of the Designation of Port Area regulations (at 301 CMR 25.01(2)), Designated Port Areas (DPAs) are "geographic areas of particular state, regional, and national significance with respect to the promotion of commercial fishing, shipping, and other vessel-related activities associated with water-borne commerce, and of manufacturing, processing, and production activities reliant upon marine transportation or the withdrawal or discharge of large volumes of water. These water-dependent industrial uses vary in scale and intensity but generally share a need for infrastructure with three essential components: a waterway and associated waterfront that has been developed for some form of commercial navigation or other direct utilization of the water; backland space that is conducive in both physical configuration and use character to the siting of industrial facilities and operations; and land-based transportation and public utility services appropriate for general industrial purposes." DPAs have been set aside in Gloucester Inner Harbor, Beverly Harbor, Salem Harbor, Lynn, Mystic River, Chelsea Creek, East Boston, South Boston, Weymouth Fore River, New Bedford-Fairhaven, and Mount Hope Bay. For more information on the DPAs, please see CZM's DPA website at
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