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DEP Water Monitoring Stations

The DEP Division of Watershed Management (DWM) Monitoring Stations datalayer represents points on rivers, ponds and lakes where water-quality samples were taken by DWM staff during 1995 and 1996. The datalayer was compiled by DWM and the MA Department of Environmental Protection GIS Group. Most station locations were chosen to support the environmental monitoring phase of the Massachusetts Watershed Initiative. New stations will be added as additional watersheds complete this phase and the related monitoring data pass the DWM quality-control and quality-assurance checks. Monitoring results are stored in related INFO tables described under ATTRIBUTES (below). Data maintained in these tables is reported by the DWM in assessment reports. These are available upon request by contacting the Division of Watershed Management at 508-792-7470. In ArcSDE the layer is named DWMSTATIONS_PT.
DEP Water Monitoring Stations
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