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NHESP Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife

Estimated Habitats are for use with the Wetlands Protection Act regulations (310 CMR 10.00). The Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife datalayer contains polygons that are a subset of the Priority Habitats of Rare Species. They are based on occurrences of rare wetland wildlife observed within the last 25 years and documented in the NHESP database. They do not include those areas delineated for rare plants or for rare wildlife with strictly upland habitat requirements. The Estimated Habitats presented here are those published in the 13th Edition of the Massachusetts Natural Heritage Atlas, and are effective beginning October 1, 2008. For projects or activities that fall within Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife and that require a Notice of Intent (NOI) to be filed under the Wetlands Protection Act, proponents are required to send a copy of the NOI to the Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program (NHESP). Please note, now applicants who send the NHESP the required MESA filing information and filing fee along with their Notice of Intent will qualify for a streamlined joint Massachusetts Endangered Species Act/Wetlands Protection Act review, and their filing will be reviewed by the NHESP within 30 days. Applicants choosing not to file jointly will be required by the NHESP to submit a separate MESA filing, which may take up to 90 days to review. For more information, please see the Regulatory Review section of the NHESP website. The Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife layer is stored in ArcSDE as ESTHAB_POLY. Occurrence records are continually being added, updated, deleted or otherwise modified in the NHESP database. These changes are incorporated into the Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife datalayer every two years and are displayed in the latest Natural Heritage Atlas. Questions about the creation of this datalayer should be directed to NHESP at 508-389-6375. For questions relating to the use of this datalayer in Environmental Review, please call 508-389-6380.
NHESP Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife
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